What You Don’t Think About That is So Important for Your Home Improvement Business

Marketing and Return on Investment a.k.a ROI!
I am a licensed contractor, specializing in windows, doors, and glass, in the Dallas metroplex area (www.mydallaswindows.com). We’ve been in business for nearly two decades, so from experience I can say that I understand the ups and downs of business, from rewards to losses.
As a business, our goal is to provide the very best to each customers while selling the product and service we offer. It really is very simple, until you realize that there are several other businesses with the very same goal……and this is where marketing comes in.
Being that we have been in full operation for 20 years, we have seen the marketing landscape change incredibly. With the power of the internet and the ease of accessing information available 24/7, the typical yellow pages and print marketing do not hold the same value.
This took us a while to fully grasp.  We heard “you need a digital strategy”, “every business owner needs a website”, “what type of online marketing are you doing?”, and so on.
I write this post based on my experience and how to choose what is right for you based on ALL that there is out there, and there is a lot. I still get sales calls on a daily basis, offering me something I’ve never heard of, but that I need. I’ve been suckered in by some of the brilliant pitches thrown at me, and I’ve learned my lesson. So keep in mind that a digital strategy is needed, but do not get sold on everything.
Things to Consider Before You Opt For the best Digital Marketing Strategy For Your Business.
1. Know who your audience is. This is one of the biggest things that you should pay attention to. Getting in front of the wrong people, or people that do not have a need for what you offer will waste your money. This is crucial for the development of all other strategies.
2. There are several audience types. These potential customers will be at different points in the process of inquiring or purchasing. Some will be hot and ready to go, some will need more info, and some you will be planting the seed through education, meaning they are a cold audience. This is also really important to help you to decide what to do.
3. Define your goals. Know both your short term and long term goals. Some marketing efforts take place immediately, while some require time. The best overall strategy delivers what you need when you need it.
4. Know your numbers. How much are you will ing to spend to acquire a new customer. Of course we all want to spend the least amount possible (that’s where referrals come in from good work), but what is a customer worth to you? Would you pay $5000 to get a $10,000 job? You know your numbers best, but set a realistic goal to go by. This will help you track the marketing strategies you put in place.
5. Choose Your Strategy. I personally recommend working with someone you trust. They are hard to find, but they are out there. We work with a great company that is very transparent and listens to our needs.
Strategies We Implement
Facebook Marketing- Facebook Marketing allows for more immediate results. Although there is some testing and stuff to do, once you’ve figured out the formula, you get new clients pretty quickly.
Home Advisor- Although we do not get exclusive leads and our response time matters, people use Home Advisor and we want to be there. Currently we are still seeing an ROI, even if it is a bit less than other strategies, it is still a return. I’d rather listed on the sites that people are searching, even if it means slightly cutting into my profit.
Reputation Management- Reviews matter. Revies give a social signal to the search engines. Basically if your custoters like you enough to review you, the search engines will like you more too. Keep in mind that reviews seem easy to get, but they are a lot harder then you would think. Your customers will promise reviews and never deliver. They get busy just like we do and need constant reminders.
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)– You don’t realize its power until you experience it. That is what my seo company told me, and that is the truth. If you own your website and paid to have it, why not make it possible for people to naturally find. That is what SEO is, and it works. It doesn’t just happen overnight. It took our site about 3 1/2 months to start to see the increase in website traffic and phone calls, The lead quality is great and if a potential customter finds us, it is because they are looking for what we offer. What this means??? It means a warm lead!
PPC (occasionally)- Google Ads appear before the other organic listings. Some people avoid ads, and some people go straight to them.  The overall quality is of who calls us is not as great as our organic leads, but these ads will show up immediately and bring you quick leads, this is of course if you have you ads set up right.  We used this strategy while are website rankings where improving and during our busy season. It allows us to occupy multiple spots on page one.
I am not an expert, but I have learned a lot in the years I have been in business. Hopefully this helps! To our customers, we do a lot to help you find us:)
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