Marketing Avenues Unleashed

What marketing avenues are best for you?

There a several marketing channels available to get your business out in front of potential customers, but what are the best ones for your business? From Search Engine Optimization to the newly launched Google Guaranteed Ads (still not available in all areas), what marketing channels are best for your Local business?

Let’s start with saying that a genuine  focus should be to provide value to those you want to get  in front of. Understanding that will help with every marketing strategy you put into place. Some avenues take a lot longer to develop while others offer immediate satisfaction. We can say one thing….Even if your phone is ringing, make sure you understand your numbers to ensure that you will have a return on investment. What does it cost you to acquire a new client/customer from paid ads (CPA)? What is the lifetime value (LTV) of a customer? What are your margins? These are important numbers to know. So make sure you know what they are or hire someone that does.

Think Out of the Box:

We spoke with Rusty Parker, owner of Parker Garage Doors and More, a Phoenix based Garage Door Company. He has been working in the industry since 1988, and operating as Parker Garage Doors since 1998. He has experienced the ever changing marketing landscape. Gone are the days of only print, tv and radio. Parker Garage Doors has spent a lot of time and money to develop strategies to continue to grow their business. With the recent launch of Google Guaranteed Ads, they are also experiencing how it is effecting what they already in place.

Here are a few tips from Rusty:

  1. Do Things Others Are Not Willing to Do….and Regularly– Think videos of your work, pictures, lots of pictures, regular posting on Social Media, not once in awhile, but regularly. Educating people on things they might search in your industry. EX: what types of garage door do I choose to get the best bang for my buck? Walk then through what to look forward for their needs and budget. Things don’t have to perfect, but genuine and with a strategy in mind.
  2. Develop Multiple Strategies– Thinking there is only way to market leaves a lot of potential business for competitors to nab up. We’ve done Google and Bing ads for some time now. We also still have print ads going on in certain areas that are killing it. It comes down to knowing your market. The market that responds to print ads tend to be older clientele. However, just because that seems to work best doesn’t mean we still are stopping paid ads, or continuing to rank organically, we do it all to catch the market. Of course we keep an eye on our numbers to make sure it we are not at a loss, but we diversify what we do. Facebook is a big player now and we have embarked on Facebook Advertising as well.
  3. Do What You Need To– Ask yourself how much you want to grow your business and what a new customer is worth. If you want to grow, then do what you need to. That means that when Google Guaranteed Ads launch in your neck of the woods, apply for them and go. Some of our top competitors are part of Google Guaranteed, so we need to be also. We have also experienced a bit of loss with our Adwords (more expense) being that they no longer sit on top. Rather than hem and haw, we are in the process of getting what we need to to be part of the Google Guaranteed Ads. If your website is outdated and not converting, time for a re haul. We just had to do that and I didn’t think our website was too bad, but the conversions were poor and their were some issues with the user experience. I must say iI love our new website:).

All in all, what I have learned is you must adapt to what is going on. We live in a digital world and that has changed things in both good and bad ways. Find what you can do to positively impact your business, your customers and your revenue and do not get stuck on what used to work. Make sure that what you are doing makes sense financially, as that is what keeps a company in business!

Here is a video we had done to post on Youtube and our Website and Social Media Pages.

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