Hire A Contractor With Good Reviews

When it comes time to hire a contractor many people are looking for a contractor with the best reviews. Good reviews are great indication that the company provides a good service and has a lot of experience. People spend a considerable amount of money on a contractor and what to know that they are not leaving their property to a rookie. Additionally they want to ensure a potential contractor does not have a bad reputation or track record which can be discovered through various review sites.

Whether you like it or not reviews are here to stay.

Review sites offer a huge utility to consumers, and are increasingly growing in popularity. Additionally search engines like google are catching onto this and factoring the quality of your reviews into where your website is placed in the SERPs (search engine result pages). Not all review sites are created equal so if you are going to work towards acquiring reviews from previous clients then it is recommended to focus on Google and facebook primarily being that they get the most exposure, and are factored int your search engine performance the most. Home advisor, yelp and BBB are great too, but often try to sell you on paid accounts that you don’t need, and or strictly limit their free accounts.

Being that Google is one of the most visited platofrms for people searching for contractors it is highly recommended to optimize your website, to generate exposure in its search engine, and also aquire reviews to help with the former, and also give people more of reason to click on your business listing over others.

How to get more reviews.

Unfortunately most happy customers don’t take the initiative to review you. Often times you have to remind previous customers multiple times before they take action and actually review your business. The best way to do so is to upload a csv file of into an auto responder and send out a sequence of emails that reminds them to review you. Like we mentioned, most customers don’t review you after the first reminder. It’s recommended that you set up multiple emails (3-5) that go out every couple days after you service them. Once implemented, this will increase your reviews by 10x most times.

Obviously this makes it hard for new contractors, but everyone has to start somewhere. For new contractors you can bid low on projects in order to build your portfolio and reviews. Make sure that you are diligent after every job to follow up with your customer asking them to review you. Since most contractors do not focus enough attention on this you will quickly acquire more reviews than contractors that have been in business for decades, and appear to potential customers online as the superior and more experienced contractor because you have spent time acquiring positive reviews from  previous customers.

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