Google Guaranteed | What You Need to Know

Google Home Services – What You Need to Know

The digital space is an ever changing, and quickly changing landscape that is a must to stay on top of. Whether your an expert and handle the marketing for your own business, or you work an agency, maintaining an overall idea of what’s going on and what may impact your business is essential in today’s world.

Gone are the good ol’ days of print and word of mouth. Now everyone has access to the internet and their phone with resources readily available, like Google. Type in what you are looking for and you are provided with a list if information, whether that be Yelp reviews, directions to a business, or their website to peruse through.

Google is the power house of search engines, with over 75% of people searching it’s engine. You can say that it controls what goes on and what information is displayed. They offer paid ads through their search engine and search partners, so if your website or information is not being displayed, you can pay to make that happen. This can be great to catch the people that click the top listings when they are searching for something. Many local businesses utilize Google’s PPC  (pay per click) platform, even if they are ranking organically. That being said, that landscape is now evolving thanks to the launch of Google Home Service.

What is Google Home Service you ask?

Initially launched in 2015 as a pilot in San Francisco these home service ads offer more security to the potential customer. They offer service based companies an opportunity to get a Google guaranteed badge and sit pretty above all other paid ads, or you may say “receive premium promotion”. Businesses are pre-screened to ensure the highest quality of service for the consumer, or Google’s searchers. Each business is then guaranteed or backed by Google. This means that they are offering the consumer 100% guarantee when they choose a professional to work with, otherwise Google will step in and make it right.

Google Guaranteed


Changing the Way People Find Your Business

What does this mean for your business? Google Guaranteed ads are still not available to all service based businesses, nor or they available in all areas of the country. They have recently expanded their guaranteed ad product to include more cities and local service providers.

If you are running paid ads with Google, or you are organically ranking, where people are able to find you naturally, these specific ads may have a direct impact on the traffic that your business gets, as they appear at the top, above all else.

If you’ve noticed these ads in your local market, we highly recommend you checking into them. Who’s to say how they will perform,, but with the Home service market predicted to be at 435 billion dollars by 2021, these are ads to involve yourself with.

Each business that wants in on the impression share, will have to go through an application process, as well as a background check and approval process. If you are a freelancer and not insured or licensed, do not think for a minute about getting approved.

As more businesses enter the market, it is hard to know what company to really trust. Reviews are a big part of managing your online reputation, and now Google Guaranteed Home Services will be too. Really it is in effort to protect the consumer, although you can also see the dollar signs for Google.

What’s Next?

This is the talk and hype right now for a lot of service based businesses, aka plumbers, electricians, towing companies, garage door companies, etc. It will have some effect on your business, until the next digital marketing trend emerges. We say stay in the loop. Working with a reputable company or agency can provide you with immediate insights on the next big trend that will impact your business.

Check back in with us, our goal is to keep you in the loop!

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