Barn Doors – The Interior Design Craze!






Chique, Shabby, Rustic & Customizable have Interior sliding barn doors the popular way to add functionality and style to a home.

Barn Doors can be an absolutely amazing feature to add to any room.  Not only are these pocket doors space savers, as the doors do not swing outward, but rather slide to open and close, they are also aesthetically pleasing and can architectural flair to a room.

The styles and finishes of wood, glass, metal and hardware are endless, making finding the perfect fit available for any style.

Functionally a sliding barn door can separate any two rooms, bedroom and bathroom, kitchen and living areas, or even just close of your laundry space.

One of the design elements we love when choosing to improve your living space with a barn door is the exposed hardware. The hardware that is used to mount the door and create the slide is part of the overall design and style. Once you begin with your base, the actual door, the hardware accents the actual base that you’ve chosen. Now although we love the exposed look, you may opt for to go the concealed hardware route, which means the hardware is just that, concealed.

There are many places that carry Barn Doors and you can easily choose a style of your liking. If you want to get more specific we recommend customizing the design and style you would like.

That means you can even go metal! Yes the industrial barn door look is the upcoming look of these once rustic wooden doors.

Whether you seek rustic and traditional or modern and contemporary, all options are available to you. Barn Doors can used for interior or exterior spaces. So get creative! Combe the looks of metal and wood to create a unique look.

Here are some door ideas we love.


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